Taking CONTROL of our private wells on private property?

The Governor has expressed publicly that private wells on private property are to be "controlled" by the state. What does that mean? As private property owners we own all rights to our property. How can the state dictate and/or control our private wells? Sounds like the Gestapo to me! What is happening to our rights as citizens and property owners?

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  • commented 2015-08-09 05:54:09 -0700
    Unfortunately the water pulled from a well, on private property, is tied into a common aquifer. When you pull water, you are not only pulling yours…but your neighbors, your community and the state. It must be controlled! If you support this, you are also supporting companies like Nestle being able to go into neighborhoods, buying private land and drawing billions of gallons of water thus lowering the table for all.
  • commented 2015-08-09 02:40:11 -0700
    Regardless of the topic, the State is notorious with regard to waste. They continue to permit hydraulic fracturing that not only wastes water, but pollutes the water table and advances the potential for catastrophic earthquakes. Our rights as citizens have diminished and will continue to diminish as resources and services become increasingly and mindlessly advanced as mere opportunities for increased profit. We’ll have to get over our differences, real and imagined, if we are committed to sharing our resources equitably and taking control back from the corporate mindset, especially as it pertains to those items with which we cannot live, like water.
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  • commented 2015-04-08 12:46:55 -0700
    Unfortunately wells are pulling water from the aquifer that is part of the water cycle. If you draw as much as you want, you will start contributing to it’s depletion. This is part of the issue with Nestle, Pepsi and Coke. They buy land, install wells, and draw what they want without regard. So it is your water on your land, but you would also be pulling water from all your neighbors.
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  • commented 2015-04-02 19:59:21 -0700
    The state government has vastly wasted resorces and tax dollars either doing nothing or taking all the WRONG approaches to this state’s drought. NOW, since these have failed, the state government feels that to ‘control’ the drought they want to CONTROL our private water sources! That doesn’t sound legal in any way possible! Nationally and statewide our FREEDOMS are being taken away from us! Only the citizens can stop this. We all need to do our share. Our biggest and best resource …… OUR VOTE, OUR VOICE!
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    Questions for the Speaker: Taking CONTROL of our private wells on private property?
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