12/14/15 - 2015 Meeting Topic Vote Results, Need 100 Donors, Submit Speaker Questions

LECC's 2015 Meeting Topics

Last week we asked members which 4 of 12 meeting topics would motivate them to attend a 2015 meeting. We tabulated the responses to create the following prioritized rankings. The board will now extend speaker invitations so we can confirm meeting dates and venues.


1. City Manager - "Past, Present & Future Plans for Lake Elsinore"
2. EVMWD - "Our Plans to Fairly Deliver the Cleanest Water at the Lowest Prices"
3. Lake Department Manager - "What LE is Doing to Best Manage Your Lake"
4. Police Chief - "The Top 10 Services LEPD Provides Elsinore Citizens"
5. State Senator & Assembly Person - "2015 Legislation You Need to Know About"
6. LEUSD Superintendent - "Answers to the Top 10 Questions Parents Ask LEUSD"
7. How to Start a Small Business in LE - "Be Your Own Boss, Minimize Red Tape"
8. Maximizing Home Values in LE - "What to Know About LE Real Estate Values"
9. City Recreation Manager - "What LE is Doing to Maximize your use of Parks & Rec."
10. Home Safety Seminar - "10 Ways to Make Your Home Safe from Criminals"
11. Emergency Preparedness Seminar - "10 Ways to Prepare for 'The Big One'"
12. Public Safety Commission  - "What We Do For You & How to Use PSAC"

Please Join LECC's Century Club with a Donation

LECC has a fairly lean operation. Our only costs are renting meeting halls, promoting meetings, managing the website, managing the membership database and doing our annual non-profit paperwork filings.

Can you please help LECC pay our 2015 bills by joining our "Century Club" with a donation of any amount?

Please click the "Support LECC" button at the top of our home page or this link http://www.lecc.us/support-lecc to donate now with your credit card.

You can make a one-time donation or once-a-month donation. Everything helps!

The first 100 donors will receive special recognition as a 2015 LECC Century Club Supporter.

Thanks in advance for your support.


Submit Questions for our 2015 Speakers

Please submit questions to have the speakers above address during their presentations.  

Post your questions directly to the LECC website by clicking on the "questions" link located at http://www.lecc.us/questions

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