As we all know there is a lot of traffic on Riverside (HIGHWAY 74) Dr, A lot of people use this route through the Ortega Hwy.There is a light (traffic control) @ Riverside (hwy 74) & Lakeshore Dr. Also a light @ Riverside (Hwy 74) & Lincoln.However there is no Light(traffic control) @ Riverside (Hwy 74) & JOY st. where a lot of Men,Woman and Children Enter and Exit for work,Shopping and school in our community (Machado) Elementary....Please install a traffic control light there as i have watched over the years of this gaining ground as a very dangerous condition for many in our community.As of now it is the only busy intersection Enter/Exit area along this section of the Highway 74 without traffic control.PLEASE SAVE A LIFE AND CORRECT THIS PROBLEM,Thank You and God Bless America and Lake Elsinore.....

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