Railroad Canyon/ SummerHill traffic light

Why don't we have a green arrow light when turning left from Summerhill onto Railroad Canyon. Opposing traffic has a red light. They made it just a green light without an arrow even though apposing traffic has a red light. They also have signage on the light saying to watch for pedestrians. But the pedestrians have a red don't walk when that light is green. The sign needs to be on the opposite side. The pedestrians walk when the traffic from Grape street has the green light and the right turners need to yeld to pedestrians.

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  • commented 2016-07-20 10:53:01 -0700
    In addition to that, how about trying to sync the traffic lights for vehicles going north on Grape and turning left to head west on Railroad Canyon / Diamond Drive. The lights are so messed up that vehicles are blocking the intersection. Doesn’t take a traffic engineer anytime to figure that out.
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