Will you help return right of California children to free and appropriate education?

SB277 is denying 200,000 children or so their right to a free education as assured by the California Constitution. The only option for parents is vaccinate or homeschool. This is not an acceptable or legal choice. Every child's medical decision should lie with the family and doctor, not legislators and lobbyist. As a single working parent I am unable to homeschool and if my child can not attend school I am at a total loss, left with the sole option of moving which is very difficult. Do you believe this important MEDICAL DECISION should be in the hands of parents? There are moral and religious reasons some parents do not vaccinate and this law clearly violates the right to not be discriminated against based on religious beliefs.

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  • commented 2016-05-26 17:06:19 -0700
    This is a tough question. A really tough question. How does one protect an unvaccinated child from exposure to measles, chicken pox, German measles in a public school. How do you protect pregnant teachers from children who come to school, as yet not showing signs of infection, who have measles or a male teacher, who’s never had mumps from being exposed to a child with undiagnosed mumps. Do we go back to making teachers leave school when they become pregnant. There is no easy solution to this.
  • commented 2016-05-18 17:33:07 -0700
    I have a child that suffered a severe adverse reaction to Varivax. She almost died and we are on year 4 of recovery. We were told one more vaccine of any kind will more than likely KILL her; yet we CAN’T get a medical exemption because she doesn’t have leukemia or AIDS. I will have no option but to quit my job and homeschool her in a year and then we will not be able to afford her medical expenses. I’m a teacher. We are in the process of having her vaccine injury claim transferred to a civil suit, which I expect will take years to settle. My child literally has to choose between her life/health and an education in a year if SB 277 is not overturned!
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  • commented 2016-05-18 13:01:15 -0700
    Vaccines are not a one size fits all. We should not be coerced into making medical decisions for our kids in order to receive a fundamental right such as education. To this date the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program has paid out $3 Billion dollars to families of vaccine injured children. Where there is a risk there must be a choice.
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  • commented 2016-05-18 12:36:23 -0700
    Great question! This is the number one concern for my family and many others in California at this time. Our children’s medical decisions need to be between the parents and their physicians. I can not stress the damage this is doing to California families. Please,PLEASE reverse this horrific bill and give rights back to the parents that know what is best for their children’s health.
  • commented 2016-05-18 11:54:29 -0700
    This decision should be between a parent and the child’s physician.
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