2/13/15 - Watch "City CEO" Video, Give Meeting Feedback, Make a Pledge...

Watch City Manager Grant Yates on Lake Elsinore's Rising Fortunes in 2015

We had 67 members attend last night's meeting to hear our "City CEO" provide an overview of where the city is at and where the city is going in relation to 10 quality of life issues compiled by our members through polling at our website.

Watch the first 45-minutes of the meeting (prior to 30-minutes of Q&A) at the following YouTube link ...

Please Give LECC & the City Your Meeting Feedback

If you attended the meeting, please give feedback to both the Citizen's Committee and the City of Lake Elsinore as to what you thought of Mr. Yate's presentation and how LECC can improve the quality and value of future meetings. 

Click the following link to provide direct feedback: 


Support Your Citizen's Committee with a Financial Pledge

LECC is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our goal is to ...

provide a public forum for Lake Elsinore residents to receive and share information information about public policy that affects (or will affect) our quality of life.

Please help us pay our bills (website costs, meeting costs, etc.) by joining our "2015 Century Club" with a one-time or monthly donation of any amount made with a credit card at the following link:


Tell Your Neighbors About Our Citizen's Committee

The core strength of the Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee is a connected and involved membership. Please help our membership grow by asking your neighbors to join for free at http://www.LECC.us/join

"Like" us and have your neighbors like us on Facebook at FB.com/LakeElsinoreCC

If you don't yet know your neighbors, get to know them by joining or starting a "Nextdoor" neighborhood in your part of Lake Elsinore. Tuscany Hills started a Nextdoor website 3 years ago and now has 500 members who interact daily with one another on the website about matters important to just Tuscany Hills. 

Learn more about Nextdoor at http://www.Nextdoor.com. To learn the in's and out's of successfully moderating a Nextdoor group, contact Tuscany Hill's Nextdoor moderator Dan Baldwin at ateldan@gmail.com.  

Mark Your Calendar for April 9th for our Next Meeting

LECC's next meeting is on 4/9/15 at 7pm at the Tuscany Hills HOA clubhouse where EVMWD's Greg Morrison will speak on "Plans to Deliver the Cleanest Water at the Lowest Prices".

Contact Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee...

Website - LECC.us

Facebook - FB.com/LakeElsinoreCC 

Jeanie Corral, Chairman & Events Moderator, 951-674-4228, jeaniecorral@gmail.com 

Dan Baldwin, Secretary & Webmaster, 951-251-5155, ateldan@gmail.com

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