2/6/15 - Which 3 of These 10 Elsinore City Issues Concern You Most in 2015?

Dear Lake Elsinore Neighbor,

Our City Manager Grant Yates will speak at the Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee meeting this coming Thursday at 7pm at the Tuscany Hills HOA Clubhouse at 75 Summerhill Drive in Lake Elsinore.

Which 3 of the following 10 Lake Elsinore city issues do you most want to hear about  from Mr. Yates?

Please email you top 3 choices to Dan Baldwin atateldan@gmail.com.

We'll tally the responses and share them with Mr. Grant.

1. Recreation - Improvement of senior center, new skate park, improvement of 18 parks (map of?), lake recreation like a marina, other lake developmen

2. Business Growth - “Diamond Stadium restaurant & entertainment zone”, commercial sector growth (Toyota, Super Walmart?

3. Roads - Diamond Drive/RR Canyon interchange, Lake & Nichols street, Franklin Street offramp

4. Public Safety - What can homeowners do about getting brush cleared on public land that backs up to their property? Can the City Establish a "No Knock" List to Stop Door-to-Door Solicitors? Current count & future count for police & fire personnel

5. City Government - Number employees now & future plans

6. Capital Improvements - What are we spending money on over the next 10 years

7. Residential Growth - Railroad Canyon condos? Where do 300,000 resident fit? Year “buildout” complete

8. Elsinore Marketing - Overpass (Franklin) Lake Elsinore monument? How do we help market Lake Elsinore to our friends

9. Civic Involvement - What communications medium(s) got 645 volunteers to the April “Extreme Clean”. How do regular citizen’s get the word?

10. Reduction of Blight - Homeless encampment by LDS church house, Code enforcement violations, 

Please RSVP for the free event at this link.

Submit specific questions for Mr. Grant at this link.

Learn more about Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee at www.LECC.us

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