9/14/14 - Please Print & Post Elsinore Debate Flyer & Submit Candidate Questions

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The Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee is sponsoring a "Fall 2014 Candidates Debate & Forum" on October 7 & 10 at 6:30pm at the Lake Elsinore Woman's Club.

Can you please help Lake Elsinore by...?

1. Clicking http://bit.ly/2014-Debate-Flyer to view and print our debate flyer. Please post a copy in any public place where Lake Elsinore voters will see it.

2. Clicking http://www.LECC.us/Questions to post a question that you would like a political candidate to answer before you consider voting for them on November 4th.

3. Stating who you want to represent you & why in Lake Elsinore, Sacramento and Washington DC by joining the Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee conversation athttp://www.LECC.us orhttp://www.Facebook.com/LakeElsinoreCC 

Click http://bit.ly/2014-Debate-Flyer to print flyer

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Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee

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