"Vote No" Full endorsement Language

Following is the full text of the official "Vote No" endorsement signed by the entire City Council and the Lake Elsinore Chamber of Commerce.

Vote No on Measure A - The Wrong Plan for Lake Elsinore

Measure A seeks to benefit a wealthy land developer at the cost of Lake Elsinore's taxpayers. It uses your taxpayer dollars to pay for amenities normally paid for by a developer. Measure A lowers the bar on our community's normal planning standards while stifling local citizen participation. It moves the burden of providing police and fire services to existing City taxpayers.

Measure A shifts the responsibility to build a 46 acre sports park to City taxpayers. At a a cost estimate as high as $42 million, under the terms of the initiative if the City fails to build this park, then the land would revert back to the developer with approval for more homes.

An independent financial analysis of Measure A concluded that, if passed, the residents of the City of Lake Elsinore (outside of Alberhill Villages) will be responsible for an aggregate deficit of up to $242.9 million over a twenty year period. Development Management Group, Inc. cautioned the City and its residents that the passage of Measure A would:

"...severely and irreparably impact the ability for the City of Lake Elsinore to provide even the most basic of public safety (police and fire) services to the community as a whole."

Measure A is not only costly but it is simply no longer needed. the City recently adapted a comprehensive development plan for Alberhill Villages that will result in this development contributing $25.7 million in positive revenues for vital City services. This already approved development plan is supported by the developer and Measure A only remains on the ballot becasue the legal deadlines to withdraw it passed.

Please join the entire City Council, the Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce, and your neighbors in voting NO on Measure A.


Robert E. Magee, Mayor

Natasha Johnson, Mayor Pro Tem

Steve Manos, Councilmember

Daryl Hickman, Councilmember

Brian Tisdale, Councilmember