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About the Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee:

Founded in 2004, the non-profit Lake Elsinore Citizen’s Committee ("LECC") is dedicated to keeping residents informed about the progress and prosperity slated for Lake Elsinore in the years ahead.  

LECC specializes in sponsoring non-partisan public policy presentation and discussion forums so LE citizens can learn about city, county, state and federal government matters and political issues that affect their Lake Elsinore quality of life (now or in the future) directly from the people championing the matters or issues “without the spin”.


LECC Membership Categories

Resident Member: Any resident of Lake Elsinore may consider themselves a member. In order to communicate with LECC residents, LECC has legally populated its database on this website with the list 25,000 Lake Elsinore citizens registered to vote. Any Lake Elsinore resident not receiving our email newsletters may join for free.

Meeting Member: Meeting members are Lake Elsinore citizens who attend our public meetings. Meeting members vote on items that come up for a vote during the course of normal meetings.

Volunteer Member: Members who actively help on various LECC committees.

Board Member: These are the members on our board who make decisions as provided in our by-laws.


Contact LECC: 

Call 951-374-1682 to leave a voice mail or send a text message to LECC. You can also reach out to one of the following LECC board members.

Jeanie Corral, Chairman & Events Moderator, 951-674-4228, jeaniecorral@gmail.com 

Joyce Hohendahl, Treasurer, 951-674-2159, hohenadl@verizon.net

Dan Baldwin, Secretary & Webmaster, 951-251-5155, ateldan@gmail.com


LECC Website Rules:

Please observe the following rules & decorum when using this website.

    1. Be civil. No personal attacks. Positively discuss the merits of public policy ideas and issues.  Sarcastic or non-professional communications that attack personalities or people will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be barred from the site.

    2. Respect everyone's time. No spam. Please reserve your posts to city, county, state and national public policy issues. Please don't be overly redundant with your comments. This is not the place to promote your business. 

    3. Non partisan (Issues over parties)Please focus communications around the pros and cons of specific public policy issues in such a way as your audience can not discern your political party affiliation.

    4. One account per person & no aliases. Please don't create multiple accounts so that you can make multiple comments. Please don't use an alias identity. This is a public forum which is only open to people who identify themselves such that they take responsibility for their statements.


LECC in the News:

Click the following links to see local news stories mentioning LECC.

9/15/14   Candidate forums scheduled for October

5/12/14   LECC Hosts Forum for 42nd District Candidates May 29

4/15/14   LECC Announces State Senate Candidate's Forum

5/10/13   County Supervisor Kevin Jeffries Speaks at Citizen's Committee Meeting

2/25/13   Lake Elsinore City Manager Grant Yates To Headline Community Meeting

10/4/12   City Council Candidates Forum Sponsored by Citizens Committee

4/6/12     67th State Assembly Candidates' Forum Sponsored by Citizens Committee

8/11/10  Citizen’s Committee Meets with Police Chief & Homeland Security

1/21/10  Election Forum Sponsored by the Citizens Committee

4/16/09  Lake Elsinore Citizens Committee hosts PSAC

8/3/7 Elsinore Princess anointed with historical designation

5/25/07 Citizens Committee projects generate excitement

10/22/06 Lake Elsinore council candidates meet citizens


LECC Archive Newsletters:

LECC mailed out the following printed newsletters to all residents in Lake Elsinore for several years until the "Great Recession" dried up the builder's donations that funded the publications.

Spring 2007,  Summer 2006,  Spring 2006,  Fall 2005,  Summer 2005,  Summer 2004  


Site Photo Credits:

The beautiful Lake Elsinore photos you see on this site came from the following photographers

Neil KremerEric NeitzelChrisRussell StringfieldRafael Gonzalez, Venus Kitastojgawasic, Santappa Kaliyan,

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