Past Alberhill Initiative Proponents Now Endorse "Vote No" on Measure A

Click here or the "Read More" link below to see that past Alberhill Initiative proponents, including the "initiative founder" Dan Coon now recommend all Elsinore residents "Vote No" on Measure A.

Argument Against Measure A (Submitted by past proponents)

Measure A: A yes vote is no longer necessary nor representative of what is best for the Alberhill Villages project, the city and residents of Lake Elsinore.

We want to thank Lake Elsinore voters for your support of Alberhill Villages. While Measure A was developed to finally bring the project through fruition through a vote of the people, the City and the landowner worked together to reach agreement on an Amended and Restated Alberhill Villages Specific Plan and a new Develpment Agreement.

The resulting agreement reviewed and supported by the City Planning Commission and the City Council will clarify and improve the Alberhill Villages specific Plan and make the project better for all of Lake Elsinore.

As members of the Live Lake Elsinore coalition, we support the creation of new amenities and job opportunities for residents in the City of Lake Elsinore. We have followed the process carefully and we believe that the plan approved by the City Council and supported by the landowner is mutually beneficial and will provide needed certainty in the development process.

For these reasons, we now urge voters to vote NO on Measure A.

Measure A is no longer necessary and no longer represents what is best for our city and its residents.

Please join us may 2nd and vote NO on Measure A.

Thank you,


Dana M. Coon

Teresa Kirpluk

Genie Kelley

Steven A. Martin

Susan Vanderburgh