Alberhill Villages Initiative Ballot Title and Summary

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Initiative measure revising the Alberhill Villages Specific Plan governing the future development of approximately 1,400 acres located in northwest Lake Elsinore, south of Interstate 15 and west of Lake Street.


The Initiative would amend the existing Alberhill Villages Specific Plan approved by the City Council to (1) add approximately 25 acres to the existing Specific Plan area; (2) allow an additional 220 residential units; (3) increase nonresidential development from 3,810,300 square feet to 4,007,000 square feet; and (4) eliminate 49 acres of natural or enhanced open space areas with multi-use trails.

The Initiative allows for the phased transition from current mining operations to future development as mineral resources are fully extracted. Buildout within the Specific Plan area is projected to occur over the next 20 to 30 years with an estimated population of 27,000 people.

The Initiative would adopt dual zoning by designating the entire Specific Plan area within the M-3 District (Mineral Resources and Related Manufacturing). This would allow new residential development within 300 feet of existing mining operations and eliminate the 1,500 foot separation currently required by the existing Alberhill Villages Specific Plan. M-3 zoning also allows intensive manufacturing and industrial uses not described in the Initiative.

The Initiative shifts the responsibility to build a 45.9 acre sports park to the City of Lake Elsinore and provides that the land automatically reverts back to the developer if the City does not complete the sports park improvements within 5 years of the developer’s revocable dedication as specified in the Initiative.

The Initiative eliminates the requirement that development within the Specific Plan area participate in a City-wide public safety services financing district to provide police, fire and paramedic services. The Initiative requires a certain amount of commercial development as the project is built out and estimates that the project will generate revenues to the City in excess of the cost of public safety services. The requirement to build commercial uses is waived if the developer voluntarily participates in a project-wide public safety services financing district.

The Initiative reduces the opportunity for public participation in future land use entitlements by eliminating City Council review and approval at noticed public hearings. The Initiative provides City staff the “authority and the obligation” to approve Phased Development Plans for each of six project phases as well as Design Review and detailed Site Plans that are consistent with the Initiative.

The Initiative would amend the City’s General Plan, Zoning Map, Alberhill Villages Specific Plan, Alberhill Ranch Specific Plan, and Murdock Alberhill Ranch Specific Plan.

If the Initiative is adopted, the revised Specific Plans, General Plan and Zoning Map could not be amended to conflict with the Initiative without a future election and majority vote of the people. The Initiative allows an exception for the City Council to amend these land use documents upon application of the developer.