Based on Newspaper Editorial, LECC Re-Invites Congressman to Debate

Congressman Calvert Has Twice Declined LECC's Candidate Forum & Debate Invitations this Election Cycle

LAKE ELSINORE, CA – October 17, 2014 – To help facilitate the time honored political tradition of the candidate debate, endorsed this week by the editors of the Press Enterprise newspaper, the Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee (LECC) has, for a third time, invited Congressman Calvert to debate his November election opponent Tim Sheridan at a time, date and venue of Mr. Calvert's choosing. 

The Press Enterprise editorialized this week that, "Voters need more than just superficial efforts to prime them with name recognition and catch phrases to inform their voting. We hope that any remaining candidates who have yet to engage in a debate or public forum do so."

LECC hosted seven live candidate debates spread over two evenings last week at the Elsinore Women's Club for the benefit of LECC members trying to decide which person to vote for in the upcoming general election on November 4th. LECC members and the general public unable to attend last week's debate can view recorded videos of the seven debates at Congressman Calvert declined to appear at LECC's debates last week. He also declined to participate in LECC's congressional candidate forum held this past May.

Combining "old-school" person-to-person relationships with the latest Internet communications technologies, LECC educates its members about important civic and public policy matters in as non-partisan fashion as possible. 

Stated LECC secretary Dan Baldwin, "Some of our members like in-person meetings and others like to consume content via Facebook, smartphone or blog. LECC tries to deliver neutral civic content however our members want to receive it."

"The hardest part is actually capturing the content", Baldwin continued. "A case in point is capturing the differences between Mr. Calvert and Mr. Sheridan. We're happy to video record a live debate but we're just as happy to audio record a telephone conference call debate. We just need to get 'our content' to agree to a recording venue of one sort or another."

LECC will announce if Mr. Calvert agrees to a debate so its members can be fully informed prior to completing their ballots.

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