Bringing High-Paying Jobs to Lake Elsinore

In ten years of living in Lake Elsinore, I have yet to see the City persuade any major manufacturing, software of hardware, or major financial companies to building in Lake Elsinore. What about aerospace? What about any technology companies at all. Lake Elsinore seems to have a service industry fixation. They think it's progress to get a new fast food joint in town or another Walmart (heaven forbid). We do not currently have any institutions of higher learning or technical colleges such as DeVry, etc., to help service workers move up and out of their service jobs. People would like to work where they live. We have software, electrical, and mechanical engineers; doctors and highly skilled physicians assistants, nurse practicianers, and technicians; accountants and financial services professionals; human resources professionals and administrative professionals, as well as attorneys and paralegals living in Lake Elsinore, Where are the jobs, here, in Lake Elsinore, for these professionals. Bringing these kinds of companies and jobs into Lake Elsinore would also give service workers a place to move into as they move forward with their education. Whoever has been responsible, in Lake Elsinore city government over the last ten years, for bringing business and employers into Lake Elsinore has been pitifully bad at the job.

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  • commented 2016-07-21 12:59:12 -0700
    The City Council HAS no desire to bring high tech jobs to Lake Elsinore. They come up with some of the most inane and bullsh*t excuses for not doing it. Steve Manos says that high tech companies won’t build here because we have no four-year university here (and whose fault is that?). But, that’s a crock.

    High tech companies send recruiters all over the country, from state to state, seeking technical talents such as engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering, etc, etc. The competition between high tech companies is fierce to acquire technical talent. To say that they won’t build here is a joke. We have, right here in Southern California, USC School of Engineering, UCLA School of Engineering, Pepperdine School of Science and Engineering, and Loyola Mary Mount School of Engineering. Are they going to tell us that high tech companies won’t drive a hundred miles or less to these school to recruit high tech talent? Boloney! If they will fly across country to recruit, they’ll drive a few miles to California universities to recruit.

    We need to have better people, with higher aspirations, and a great deal more imagination working to bring high tech businesses and manufacturing to Lake Elsinore. Right now, and for some time, we’ve had a really pathetic group of people representing our interests in terms of jobs. Who wants to work 40, 50, 60 or 70 miles from home. Bring the businesses here to Lake Elsinore.

    If we want that, we need to vote out all the do-nothing people who are currently responsible for bringing business to Lake Elsinore. Their brains don’t seem to compute beyond Welfare Queen Walmart and fast food joints. Enough retail and fast food, already.

    We need to stop voting straight ticket, blinded by nothing more than party allegiance, and research the history and accomplishments of each and every candidate, explore they’re long-standing history and life philosophy. They have to actually care about their constituents. We won’t get that by blindly voting the party line. We need people in the City Council who really, actually, truly are interested in making Lake Elsinore a more prosperous and inclusive city, not just building little fiefdoms of power.
  • commented 2016-07-21 10:54:40 -0700
    The City leaders seem to be focused on endless home building, regardless of the obvious problem with lack of adequate ways in and out of town, and the inability of most people to live and work in this community. Apparently Dream Extreme is a series of plans to bring people fro outside town here for a minute to spend money and leave quickly. That, of course, is simply not going to happen without creating endless expensive problems. In the meantime, when I contacted the City leaders about bring about 300 jobs here, not a single person even acknowledged my email. The owner of Sriracha, however, called me personally and thanked me for information about Lake Elsinore. We could bring jobs in solar and wind power here as well but thee must be a will from leadership.
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