Science, in General, and Climate Change, in Particular

Do you believe in science; in particular, do you believe in the science of Climate Change and, if not, upon what expertise do you base this negative assessment?

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  • commented 2014-09-30 16:01:03 -0700
    You’re preaching to the choir, Paula.

    We should be phasing out fossil-fueled vehicles and machinery right now. I know this can’t be done overnight, which is precisely why I use the term “phasing” out. If we don’t start now, we’ll never do it.

    The economy is driven by fossil fuels because we choose to do it that way. We’ve had years and years to come up with alternative methods of locomotion. We consciously chose to stick with fossil fuels. Now, it’s time to consciously choose to phase them out; each year producing more and more NON-fossil-fueled vehicles, machinery and equipment and fewer and fewer FOSSIL-fueled vehicles, machinery and equipment.

    This part of it is not rocket science. This is actually the easy part. It just takes courage and commitment, something Republicans don’t have. And, you know how Americans hate doing without their conveniences or the things they’ve grown used to—an awful lot of us hate change, so we too must become courageous and committed, if we want our children and grandchildren to be able to breathe, drink the water and have food enough to do more than merely survive in a new and possibly untenable world.
  • commented 2014-09-30 13:33:02 -0700
    Science is not myth. Climate change is real – period end. Fossil fuels are clearly not helping. There is a fortune to be made in addressing this stuff right now. Let’s correct the problems, make that fortune while we have a chance. Think of all the wars that are really over oil that would not have taken place if we got our ducks in a row. Fact, most of Europe is already ahead of us. Solar water heaters are the rule, not the exception. Let’s get it done. And, of curse, let’s build a better transportation network that is not fossil fuel driven. We should not be fighting about this; we should be rolling up our sleeves and getting it done.
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    Candidate Questions: Science, in General, and Climate Change, in Particular
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