City Attorney's Impartial Analysis of Measure A

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Measure A, known as the “Alberhill Villages Initiative,” was prepared by the landowner and placed on the Ballot by petition to override the Alberhill Villages Specific Plan already adopted by the City Council. After the Initiative was submitted, the City and the landowner worked together and reached agreement on an Amended and Restated Alberhill Villages Specific Plan and Development Agreement. Consequently, the landowner, the original proponent of Measure A and the Lake Elsinore City Council have submitted arguments urging a “No” vote.

Measure A would add approximately 25 acres to the existing Specific Plan area located just south of Interstate 15 and west of Lake Street, allow an additional 220 homes, increase nonresidential development from 3,810,300 square feet to 4,007,000 square feet, and eliminate approximately 49 acres of natural or enhanced open space areas with multi-use trails.

Measure A would zone the entire Specific Plan site as “M-3 – Manufacturing” which allows intensive manufacturing and industrial uses. The adopted Specific Plan allows existing mining operations to be phased out over time as new development occurs and permits only residential, commercial/retail, university, professional office/medical and entertainment uses shown in the existing Specific Plan to be developed.

Measure A shifts the responsibility to build the 45.9 acre regional sports park to the City of Lake Elsinore and existing taxpayers and gives the land back to the landowner if the City does not complete the park within 5 years. The adopted Specific Plan requires the developer to pay for and complete the regional sports park.

All new development in the City of Lake Elsinore, including the adopted Specific Plan, is required to participate in a City-wide public safety services financing district to provide police, fire and paramedic services and in a City-wide maintenance services district to fund maintenance services such street sweeping, landscaping and lighting. Measure A would eliminate this requirement for the Alberhill Villages development.

According to an independent financial analysis, if Measure A passes, it would result in a significant financial burden of up to $242.9 million on the City and resident taxpayers over the next twenty years and “would severely and irreparably impact the ability for the City of Lake Elsinore to provide even the most basic of public safety (police and fire) services to the community as a whole.” In contrast, the fiscal impact analysis of the adopted Specific Plan and development agreement concluded that “the City of Lake Elsinore is projected to receive $25.7 million more in revenues than it will incur in expenses to support Alberhill Villages.”

If Measure A passes, the Alberhill Villages Initiative could not be amended without a future election and majority vote of the people.

A “Yes” vote on Measure A means the voter is in favor of the Alberhill Villages Initiative which would override the existing Specific Plan. A “No” vote on Measure A means the voter is opposed to the Initiative which leaves in place the Amended and Restated Alberhill Villages Specific Plan supported by the City and the landowner.

Barbara Leibold, City Attorney