Council Comments Regarding Alberhill Amendment

LECC asked our council members & planning commission members for a summary statement as to when they thought of the Alberhill amendment that the planning commission voted to approve last week 5-0 and that the council members would be voting on 2/14.

Following are the two responses we received from Mayor Magee & Councilman Manos whom we thank for taking the time to educate us citizen's about the amendment in advance of tomorrow's council meeting & vote on the topic.

From Mayor Bob Magee 

"The City Council has remained united in our commitment to keep the taxpayers first and oppose the Initiative.  

The Amendment will mandate public safety funding and insure the construction of a new sports park to be funded by this new community.  New development must pay it's own way and not become an economic burden to the residents and businesses that are already here.

This Amendment does all that."  


From Councilman Steve Manos

- The sports park stays and the cost to build the park is carried by a fee charged when the building permits for the homes are pulled. There's no provision that reverts the land for the park back to the developer and while the developer will likely build the park the City may, at its option, build the park using the park fee. The City will also receive a per-home development impact fee that can be loaned to the park fund to help finance the big park, if necessary. All other park improvements are to be carried by the developer.

- One of the two lakes has been replaced with land for homes, which moves the number of homes back to the originally planned amount. The conservation corridors have been maintained as they were set in the City's approved plan.

- The developer agreed to the Public Safety CFD and Lighting and Landscaping Maintenance District. This will help the City hire more police and fire services to respond to calls for service in the new areas.

- The road improvements required for each phase will be subject to a Traffic Impact Analysis to determine the appropriate phasing of roads, which is per the City's already approved version of the plan.

- The language involving the setbacks for mining have been clarified. The intent of this provision was to protect residents from the noise from rock crushing at 3 am (Pac Clay runs this processing area at night to save on electricity costs). We have kept the 1500 foot setback for processing activity and created new 500 foot and 300 foot setbacks for other types of activity that normally have a lesser impact on nearby residents, like daytime excavation and reclamation activity.

- There's a new development agreement that locks in fees and provides the developer certain assurances for City services. This agreement has a provision that says if the Alberhill Villages initiative is approved that the development agreement is void. This provides a significant incentive for the developer to work with the City to defeat the initiative.

- There are no special privileges granted to the developer under the new agreement. The developer will have to proceed to develop future phases of the project in the same way every other developer does - through a public hearing process.

- The developer will indemnify the City in the event that the new specific plan receives a legal challenge.

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