Elsinore Valley Chamber Breakfast Mixer "Elevator Pitches" 3/8/17

If you've got a group or a business in Lake Elsinore you need to be part of the Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce to align with all the other groups and businesses.

Learn more at https://www.LakeElsinoreChamber.com

Click the "Read more" link below to see a summary of all the elevator pitches and direct links to the people & organizations.

00:25 - Elsinore Valley Pregnancy Resource Center http://evprc.org/

01:20 - David Couzens http://bit.ly/2mvu0Vq, Add Solar http://anatonecorp.com/

02:33 - Cindy from Lake Elsinore Magazine of Values http://bit.ly/2mc7q2h

02:55 - Dee Castro http://bit.ly/2mdgdBU of Lake Elsinore Magazine (10x per year coupon mailer) http://bit.ly/2mc7q2h

03:45 - Anthony Shaw http://bit.ly/2mxfHRR, County of Riverside Workforce Development http://www.rivcoeda.org/ (Helps you find new employees & offers 50% reimbursement on all new hires)

04:05 - Carla Parker, Elsinore Valley Pregnancy Resource Center http://www.evprc.org/

04:30 - Justin Paraiso 909-641-8540, Cricket Wireless 951-245-2533 http://bit.ly/2mwXMdU (AT&T prepaid company, free one-month business trial offer, call Justin for free SIM card)

05:15 - Allan Dykstra 858-382-1127 http://www.dykstrabaseball.com of It's Bigger than Sports http://www.itsbiggerthansports.com 888-212-7767 on working with Studio 395 to take over operations of Lakeland Community Center & helping sports teams with off-field needs

06:00 - Grace Sandlin http://bit.ly/2mvuiLP of Studio 395 http://www.studio395.org talks about Art on Main Street Thursday nights & Lakeland Community Center http://bit.ly/2mc9qYi

06:50 - Rebecca Esquivel of Studio 395 www.studio395.org. They are looking for classes & teachers. Upcoming events: Day of the Dead planning, Easter egg hunt on April 2nd (need donations of egg & raffle items), 

07:47 - Sydney Cardenas, Riverside Property Management 

8:08 - Norma, Executive Lending Solutions

8:50 - Lucy, Farmer's Insurance Munoz Agency

09:05 - Robin Paliwoda 951-285-6426 http://bit.ly/2mTHixw , Independent Real Estate Broker (Also does property management & rentals) 

09:38 - Paul Bandong http://bit.ly/2ngoCoW, Valley News http://myvalleynews.com 200k print readers & 250k unique website visitors

10:00 - Jeff Sigwalt http://bit.ly/2mN35Xk, A Better Look Home Inspections http://bit.ly/2mvCBY5

10:05 - Reese Young http://bit.ly/2mceMTC, First Class Code Web Design Service https://firstclasscode.com

10:25 - Dan Baldwin http://bit.ly/2mTGPeC, Lake Elsinore Citizen's Commitee http://lecc.us One their weekly email newsletter and how to get free exposure for your business events

12:10 - Ginger Griffin, Studio 395 http://studio395.org on programs at Lakeland Village Community Center & Doors of Elsinore

13:05 - Johnathan Skinner http://bit.ly/2mxlrv2, City of Lake Elsinore Community Services Director on "Battle of the Badges", 1st Yurt at La Laguna campground http://bit.ly/2ngIRmy

17:00 - Cathy Thoma http://bit.ly/2mcD8wg 949-505-3507, Combined Insurance http://combinedinsurance.com Supplemental insurance

17:25 - Jason Chacon, Studio 365 

17:48 - Sandra Ingles http://bit.ly/2naMvl5, Unplanned Pregnancy Resources http://www.evprc.org/

18:25 - Ian & Meredith http://bit.ly/2ngFdJxStewart, Find Your Voice Center http://bit.ly/2mN9H8c (TV & radio recording studio at Elsinore outlet mall)

19:10 - Adam Fuller http://bit.ly/2mxtZBK, Premier Solar Cleaning http://bit.ly/2nqHqBe Cleans solar panels and also adds bird netting to prevent birds from nesting under your solar panels.

19:30 - Steve Huerta http://bit.ly/2mdEKqx, Lake Elsinore Batting Cages http://bit.ly/2naRORD Keep kids in Lake Elsinore playing baseball. New video http://bit.ly/2lOjOtU from 

20:20 - Alex Ela & Juan Garcia http://bit.ly/2mwgnVY Cherished Memories http://bit.ly/2ngIkkJ Offer video production for business commercials

21:40 - Gary Veenhuizen http://bit.ly/2nr0r6q, Trusted Business Partners http://bit.ly/2mNcdLB Farmers Insurance agent

22:05 - Wendy Lesovsky http://bit.ly/2mcKT5t Temecula Valley Communications http://www.tvcinc.net Business phone systems

22:20 - Cathy Bearse http://bit.ly/2mwf0qe, The Corporate Room http://bit.ly/2lOgMWx & New Life Culinary Creations http://bit.ly/2mdAI19 Catering

23:25 - Debra Smith http://bit.ly/2mNj8Vb, Melaleuca http://bit.ly/2mdBXOa Health coach & Rotary Member

23:28 - Karie Reuther http://bit.ly/2mNo9x0, Castle & Cook / Live Lake Elsinore Coalition http://bit.ly/2my1Af5, Pushing the campaign to have everyone www.VoteNoA.com 

24:10 - Electra Demos http://bit.ly/2nqImWv , Assistance League of Temecula Valley http://bit.ly/2mdPncR Work with school district to provide clothing to low-income school kids. 

25:25 - Pietro Canestrelli http://bit.ly/2mxQLJL Attorney at law.

25:40 - Christopher Weber http://bit.ly/2mwJAQI, Lake Elsinore Rotary Club http://bit.ly/2nr2aZv

25:45 - Jon Favillo http://bit.ly/2mwAO58 , Jon's Movers http://jonsmovers.com/

25:55 - Harry Paez http://bit.ly/2mUjSYM, LHM Wealth Management http://lhmwealth.com

26:23 - Grant Yates http://bit.ly/2ngTGVA, Elsinore City Manager

26:55 - William Johnson http://bit.ly/2nbah0r, William's Bait Tackle & Boat Rental http://bit.ly/2nqUdnn

31:15 - Paul Aguilar http://bit.ly/2mwAqDL, American Financial Network http://afn-corp.com

32:15 - Lee, Habitat for Humanity http://bit.ly/2mUuXco

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