Elsinore Valley Chamber Morning Mixer 3/8/17 Videos

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month your can promote your business or civic group at the Elsinore Valley Chamber "Morning Mixer" held in CJ's Sports Bar at the Elsinore Casino.

Chamber President Kim Cousins kicks off the event with a thanks to the breakfast sponsor, this month Farmer's Insurance Michelle Munoz and then brings the audience up to speed with a quick overview of City & Chamber news.


00:15 Michelle Munoz, Farmers Insurance (Mixer Sponsor) Comments

01:50 Alberhill Initiative "Vote No on Measure A" Vote Update

03:30 Elsinore economic updates, referenced news article https://t.co/cCEIySarJm

Click the "Read more" link below to view all the Chamber member "elevator pitches".

At each monthly morning mixer, the microphone gets passed around so each member can share their elevator pitch. After which members can strike up a conversation with someone they'd like to do business with.

00:25 - Elsinore Valley Pregnancy Resource Center http://www.evprc.org/

01:20 - David Couzens http://bit.ly/2mvu0Vq, Add Solar http://anatonecorp.com/

02:33 - Cindy 951-805-8516 from Lake Elsinore Magazine of Values http://bit.ly/2mc7q2h

02:55 - Dee Castro 714-296-9633 http://bit.ly/2mdgdBU of Lake Elsinore Magazine (10x per year coupon mailer) http://bit.ly/2mc7q2h

03:45 - Anthony Shaw http://bit.ly/2mxfHRR, County of Riverside Workforce Development http://www.rivcoeda.org/ (Helps you find new employees & offers 50% reimbursement on all new hires)

04:05 - Carla Parker, Elsinore Valley Pregnancy Resource Center http://www.evprc.org/

04:30 - Justin Paraiso 909-641-8540, Cricket Wireless 951-245-2533 http://bit.ly/2mwXMdU (AT&T prepaid company, free one-month business trial offer, call Justin for free SIM card)

05:15 - Allan Dykstra 858-382-1127 http://www.dykstrabaseball.com of It's Bigger than Sports http://www.itsbiggerthansports.com 888-212-7767 on working with Studio 395 to take over operations of Lakeland Community Center & helping sports teams with off-field needs

06:00 - Grace Sandlin http://bit.ly/2mvuiLP of Studio 395 http://www.studio395.org talks about Art on Main Street Thursday nights & Lakeland Community Center http://bit.ly/2mc9qYi

06:50 - Rebecca Esquivel of Studio 395 www.studio395.org. They are looking for classes & teachers. Upcoming events: Day of the Dead planning, Easter egg hunt on April 2nd (need donations of egg & raffle items),

07:47 - Sydney Cardenas, Riverside Property Management

8:08 - Norma, Executive Lending Solutions

8:50 - Lucy, Farmer's Insurance Munoz Agency

09:05 - Robin Paliwoda 951-285-6426 http://bit.ly/2mTHixw , Independent Real Estate Broker (Also does property management & rentals)

09:38 - Paul Bandong http://bit.ly/2ngoCoW, Valley News http://myvalleynews.com (If 200,000 readers can help your business, advertise with them. They also have 250k unique visitors to their website)

10:00 - Jeff Sigwalt 951-679-9524 http://bit.ly/2mN35Xk, A Better Look Home Inspections http://bit.ly/2mvCBY5

10:05 - Reese Young 760-991-4335 http://bit.ly/2mceMTC, First Class Code Web Design Service https://firstclasscode.com

10:25 - Dan Baldwin http://bit.ly/2mTGPeC, Lake Elsinore Citizen's Commitee http://lecc.us One their weekly email newsletter and how to get free exposure for your business events

12:10 - Ginger Griffin 951-506-3606, Studio 395 http://studio395.org on programs at Lakeland Village Community Center & Doors of Elsinore

13:05 - Johnathan Skinner http://bit.ly/2mxlrv2, City of Lake Elsinore Community Services Director on "Battle of the Badges", 1st Yurt at La Laguna campground http://bit.ly/2ngIRmy, addition of fish to lake - blue gill, crappie, large mouth bass, red dear sunfish & catfish; also The Best of Lake Elsinore Photo Contest ongoing - first winner was Missy Norfolk,

17:00 - Cathy Thoma http://bit.ly/2mcD8wg 949-505-3507, Combined Insurance http://combinedinsurance.com Supplemental insurance

17:25 - Jason Chacon, Studio 365

17:48 - Sandra Ingles http://bit.ly/2naMvl5, Unplanned Pregnancy Resources http://www.evprc.org/

18:25 - Ian & Meredith http://bit.ly/2ngFdJxStewart, Find Your Voice Center http://bit.ly/2mN9H8c (TV & radio recording studio at Elsinore outlet mall)

19:10 - Adam Fuller http://bit.ly/2mxtZBK, Premier Solar Cleaning http://bit.ly/2nqHqBe Cleans solar panels and also adds bird netting to prevent birds from nesting under your solar panels.

19:30 - Steve Huerta http://bit.ly/2mdEKqx 951-245-2566, Lake Elsinore Batting Cages http://bit.ly/2naRORD Keep kids in Lake Elsinore playing baseball. New video http://bit.ly/2lOjOtU from Cherished Memories http://bit.ly/2ngIkkJ

20:20 - Alex Ela & Juan Garcia 951-304-4133 http://bit.ly/2mwgnVY Cherished Memories http://bit.ly/2ngIkkJ Offer video production for business commercials

21:40 - Gary Veenhuizen 951-514-6060 http://bit.ly/2nr0r6q, Trusted Business Partners http://bit.ly/2mNcdLB Farmers Insurance agent

22:05 - Wendy Lesovsky http://bit.ly/2mcKT5t Temecula Valley Communications http://www.tvcinc.net "The talk of the town" business phone systems

22:20 - Cathy Bearse http://bit.ly/2mwf0qe, The Corporate Room http://bit.ly/2lOgMWx & New Life Culinary Creations http://bit.ly/2mdAI19 Catering

23:25 - Debra Smith 951-751-1705 http://bit.ly/2mNj8Vb, Melaleuca http://bit.ly/2mdBXOa Health coach & Rotary Member

23:28 - Karie Reuther http://bit.ly/2mNo9x0, Castle & Cook / Live Lake Elsinore Coalition http://bit.ly/2my1Af5, Pushing the campaign to have everyone www.VoteNoA.com because the new Alberhill/City agreement created on 2/14/17 provides for the new retail stores residents want

24:10 - Electra Demos http://bit.ly/2nqImWv 951-694-8018, Assistance League of Temecula Valley http://bit.ly/2mdPncR Work with school district to provide clothing to low-income school kids.

25:25 - Pietro Canestrelli 951-319-7674 http://bit.ly/2mxQLJL Attorney at law.

25:40 - Christopher Weber http://bit.ly/2mwJAQI, Lake Elsinore Rotary Club http://bit.ly/2nr2aZv

25:45 - Jon Favillo 951-226-0312 http://bit.ly/2mwAO58 , Jon's Movers http://jonsmovers.com/

25:55 - Harry Paez http://bit.ly/2mUjSYM, LHM Wealth Management http://lhmwealth.com

26:23 - Grant Yates http://bit.ly/2ngTGVA, Elsinore City Manager

26:55 - William Johnson http://bit.ly/2nbah0r, William's Bait Tackle & Boat Rental http://bit.ly/2nqUdnn

31:15 - Paul Aguilar http://bit.ly/2mwAqDL, American Financial Network http://afn-corp.com

32:15 - Lee, Habitat for Humanity http://bit.ly/2mUuXco


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