Elsinore Citizen's Committee Invites Fall Candidates to October Forum/Debate

Elsinore Citizen's Committee Invites Fall Candidates to October Forum/Debate

Local candidates to “forum” on October 7th. State & national candidates to “debate” on October 10th

LAKE ELSINORE, CA – September 8, 2014 – Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee (www.LECC.us) is sponsoring a candidate forum for local political candidates on Tuesday, October 7th and a candidate debate for state and national candidates on Friday, October 10th. Both events will be held from 6:30pm - 9:30pm at the Lake Elsinore Woman’s Club at 710 W. Graham Ave in Lake Elsinore.

“Our committee hosted two candidate forums for state & federal candidates this Spring just before the primary elections, so it seemed appropriate to have the two finalists in each contest directly debate their Fall opponent on the ballot.” stated Committee President Jeanie Corral.

As there are still multiple candidates on the local ballot races and these candidates may be unfamiliar to Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee members it was determined that a candidate forum would be more appropriate for the local races.

Both events will be professionally moderated and non-partisan questions will be determined in advance by the citizen's committee board. No questions will be taken from the audience during the live event. Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee members who wish to submit candidate questions in advance can do so at http://www.lecc.us/questions.

Free tickets for the two events will be made available first to Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee members through the www.LECC.us website and then to the general public. Both events will be videotaped for the benefit of committee members unable to attend in person.

Candidates invited to these two Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee events are:

Oct. 7 (6:40p - 7:30p) LE City Council (Daryl Hickman vs. Rick Morsch vs. Brian Tisdale)

Oct. 7 (7:40p - 8:30p) Water District 1 (David A. Eilers vs. Nancy C. Horton vs. Mike Norkin, Peter G. Weber vs. Kenny Duckwald)

Oct. 7 (8:40p - 9:30p) Water District 3 (Judy Guglielmana vs. Jimmy Flores vs. George S. Cambero)

Oct. 10 (6:40p - 7:30p) US Congressional District 42 (Ken Calvert vs. Tim Sheridan)

Oct. 10 (7:40p - 8:30p) CA State Senate District 28 (Jeff Stone vs. Bonnie Garcia)

Oct. 10 (8:40p - 9:30p) CA State Assembly District 67 (Melissa Melendez vs. Conrad Melton)

About Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee - Founded in 2004, the non-profit Lake Elsinore Citizen’s Committee is dedicated to keeping residents informed about the progress and prosperity slated for Lake Elsinore in the years ahead.  

The committee specializes in sponsoring non-partisan public policy presentation and discussion forums so LE citizens can learn about city, county, state and federal government matters and political issues that affect their LE quality of life (now or in the future) directly from the people championing the matters or issues “without the spin”.

Contact - Dan Baldwin, LECC Secretary, ateldan@gmail.com, 951-251-5155, www.LECC.us