Why is there no Hospital and Medical Center like Wildomar? Wildomar is Smaller but future thinking.

The Whole City is run down. Downtown is blighted from the corner of Diamond through town to the I-15 along Main Street and to the OUTLET CENTER. I've been here since 1985, the blight continues along Lakeshore to 4 Corners and along The 74 where there's a bar that belts out loud music till 2 am. My councilman and the mayor says there is nothing they can do. There are working families that need to sleep. Yet the City Council does nothing for 31 years, Why? Is it NEGLECT or something more SINISTER??? Any way, I am moving out when I retire because I can. I save my money and don't spend unless I have to. Lake Elsinore has lost it chance to become a first rate City and leisure town. Good Bye.

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    It’s interesting to note that the hospital was in the Lake Elsinore sphere but the borders of Wildomar put the hospital and “our” high school in Wildomar.
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