Lake Elsinore City Manager Speaks to Citizen's Group Thursday

Grant Yates Shares "Past, Present & Future Plans for Lake Elsinore" Thursday, Feb. 12th at 7pm 

LAKE ELSINORE, CA – February 8, 2015 – Picking up from the mayor's "State of the City" address this past October, City Manager Grant Yates will speak to the Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee ("LECC") Thursday, February 12th at 7pm at the Tuscany Hills HOA clubhouse located at 75 Summerhill Drive, in Lake Elsinore.

Mr. Yate's tentative speaking topic will be "Past, Present & Future Plans for Lake Elsinore". 

Mr. Yates is basically the CEO of Lake Elsinore and the top manager of all Lake Elsinore city departments and employees. He's the full-time boss who answers only to the five part-time members of Lake Elsinore's city council who are in turn elected by Lake Elsinore voters. 

Though their interactive website, LECC queried its 3,000+ members about which 3 of 10 city issues they would most like to have Mr. Yates discuss. The most popular request was for an update on road repair and traffic congestion improvement. The second most popular request was for an update on cleaning up pockets of blight and homelessness. The third most requested topic was to hear about plans to accelerate business growth to match residential growth.

The meeting is free of charge to lake Elsinore residents and guests.

Seating Limited to 100 guests due to fire regulations. RSVP for your free seat now by clicking here.

To learn more about Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee please visit or

Contact LECC:

Jeanie Corral, Chairman & Events Moderator, 951-674-4228, 

Dan Baldwin, Secretary & Webmaster, 951-251-5155,


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