EVMWD customers by the numbers?

Q: How many customers by category does EVMWD service? Such as number of residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial approved water meters? Q: In regards to the total number of serviceable customers in EVMWD's district. In what comparison percentile, rank, or scale would EVMWD place in the state?

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  • commented 2015-04-09 17:00:31 -0700
    Brown’s gubernatorial order of water restrictions has left water districts on the front-line of reducing water usage. One aspect of this arduous and quick paced multi-tasking may be in educating the public with the help of industry associations in alliance with proven facts from their education, outreach, awareness programs and resources?

    The purpose of my original question (Posted above.) was to the raise awareness of/to the residential customer (Under their service contract.) that water districts may have more complex service contracts or conditional use requirements for (per say) schools, hospitals, historical sites, manufacturing, firefighting, consumer services, interagency, public parks and recreational areas, agriculture, etc. Many of which may belong to trade organizations/associations, etc. that are proactive on their members, “bottom line” and marketing image. Therefore; the question is presented in an effort to minimize a perception, “Us vs. them.” Reaction that commonly results in finger pointing behavior. Q: So, what are the numbers for all consumers perspective?
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