LECC Board Pre-Publishes Official Debate Questions

The Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee board has decided to pre-publish the official debate questions in advance of the 10/12/16 debate event so that the candidates can provide prepare to provide their most informed responses. One or two more questions may also be added which will also be shared with the candidates in advance.

1. OPERATING BUDGET How personally familiar are you with the City of Lake Elsinore's current Annual Operating Budget, the last year's Annual Operating Budget and the 5-Year Capital Improvement Budget, and how comfortable are you that current capital improvement projects will not overwhelm future operating budgets?
2. CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS When the Diamond Stadium was built over 20-years ago it experienced major up-front cost over-runs and now more than 20-years later the venue is neither covering its own operating costs nor has it attracted the promised complimentary commercial "stadium district". What stadium lessons learned are being applied to currently envisioned capital improvement projects to protect Elsinore tax payers?
3. LAKE PROJECTS Because lake levels can't be guaranteed, many Elsinore tax payers question the wisdom of the city incurring $20 million debt over the next 30 years to borrow $10 million for improvements to the La Laguna campground. Seemingly, the capital improvement money invested recently by the city on two nice but mostly unusable lake boat ramps seem like all the evidence the council would need to pass on the La Laguna debt measure. Are you recommending the La Laguna project to tax-payers and if not is it too late to cancel the project?
4. PUBLIC SAFETY It seems the only thing more consistent than residents saying they need more police on the street is the Riverside Sheriff increasing their police contract rates each year. What NEW long term revenue generation plans does the city plan to cover constantly rising police & fire public safety costs and if new revenue can't keep up with rising police costs, shouldn't resources be shifted from campground and new park capital improvements to cover rising public safety operating expenses?
5. CITY STAFF COMPENSATION Many residents have expressed shock to learn how many mid-level managers are on the city staff receiving six-figure compensation packages that seem double what similar private sector managers earn. Does it seem fair to you that average Elsinore tax-payers earning less than $50,000 per year are having to finance their mid-level management city peers who earn double what they earn? Public link documenting city salaries
6. HOMELESS & BLIGHT How is Elsinore's homeless persons & code enforcement problems measured, is the homeless & code enforcement problems getting better or worse and how would you lower Elsinore's homeless population as well as property code enforcement violations?
7. STREET MAINTENANCE It seems like the only capital improvement project tax-payers are actually interested in is road repaving. How does planned spending on city street repaving compare to any and all other capital improvements over the next 5-years and in your view is that the right balance?
8. LOW WAGE VS. HIGH WAGE JOBS It seems like all the new businesses Elsinore is attracting are retail and food service which don't pay much more that minimum wage because they don't require a college degree. Of all the new businesses Elsinore has in mind to attract in the next 5 years, what percentage of the new jobs will require a college degree and what percentage will not? 
9. ALBERHILL PROJECT What do you know about the Alberhill Project and what is your opinion on the matter? Alberhill news link
10. TRANSMISSION LINES What do you know about the CPUC proposed power line transmission project through Lake Elsinore and what steps do you think should be taken to protect our residents? Newspaper article, CPUC project page
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Pick Our Next Leaders at Elsinore's Fall Election Debate & Expo

Candidate Debate & Expo Wednesday, Oct 12th, 6pm - 10pm

Is Lake Elsinore on the right path or is a course correction needed? Elsinore residents will hear three of their five incumbent city council representatives debate the state of the city with two challengers that seek to replace them at this year's "Elsinore Election Fall Candidate Debate & Expo" Wednesday, October 12th from 6pm to 10pm at the Lake Elsinore Cultural Center at 183 North Main Street in downtown Lake Elsinore. 

Following the city council debate, the Elsinore school district takes the spotlight with a short school board debate and then a brief presentation on the merits of the Elsinore school bond measure. The state and national ballot races will then be spotlighted in our candidate forum.

Finally, all candidates and ballot proposition proponents will have the opportunity to speak with citizens directly during our Election Expo & Mixer at tables around the perimeter of the room.

All candidates on the November 8th ballot in Lake Elsinore are invited to participate in the event which will be professionally moderated by Dane Wunderlich. This event is produced by Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee and hosted by the City of lake Elsinore. 

If you are a candidate or represent a ballot proposition who would like to participate in our expo please contact Dan Baldwin at ateldan@gmail.com or call 951-251-5155.

Watch video comments of the various candidates at http://bit.ly/elsinore2016vote


6:00pm: Doors Open, Expo Setup & Opening Mixer

6:30pm - 8:00 pm: City Counsel Candidate Debate (Incumbents - Natasha Johnson, Robert Magee, Steve Manos; Challengers -   Edwin Castro, Steve Martin; Vote for 3. Candidate Information)

8:00pm - 8:10pm: Break

8:10pm - 8:30pm: Elsinore School Board Debate (Incumbent - Harold E Stryker, Challenger - Steven Wood)

8:30pm - 8:45pm: Elsinore School Bond Presentation (Dr. Doug Kimberly, LEUSD School Superintendent)  

8:45pm - 9:15pm: Candidate Forum (Congressional Representative Democratic Challenger Tim Sheridan, State Assembly Democratic Challenger Jorge Lopez & others)

9:15pm - 9:55pm: Election Expo & Mixer (Candidates & proposition representatives at various tables)

10:00pm - Doors Close

Click here to RSVP              

Click here to Submit a Candidate Question 

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Meet June Ballot Candidates at Public Forum May 26 at 7pm in Elsinore

Candidate Forum & "Open House" Thursday, May 26th, 7pm - 9pm

Meet the political candidates who will be on your June 7th California primary ballot.

Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee (LECC) is hosting a candidate forum and open house on Thursday, May 26th from 7pm to 9pm at the Tuscany Hills HOA clubhouse located at 75 Via Scenica in Lake Elsinore.

The first hour will be divided up for candidates to individually speak to the entire audience about why they are running for office.

The second hour will be a "candidate expo" of sorts where each will have a table so attendees can individually meet with the different candidates.  

Click here to RSVP              

Click here to Submit a Candidate Question      

View Sample Ballot for Lake Elsinore Residents

If you are a candidate on the ballot who would like to speak please contact Dan Baldwin at ateldan@gmail.com or call 951-251-5155.


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Lake Elsinore City Manager Speaks to Citizen's Group Thursday

Grant Yates Shares "Past, Present & Future Plans for Lake Elsinore" Thursday, Feb. 12th at 7pm 

LAKE ELSINORE, CA – February 8, 2015 – Picking up from the mayor's "State of the City" address this past October, City Manager Grant Yates will speak to the Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee ("LECC") Thursday, February 12th at 7pm at the Tuscany Hills HOA clubhouse located at 75 Summerhill Drive, in Lake Elsinore.

Mr. Yate's tentative speaking topic will be "Past, Present & Future Plans for Lake Elsinore". 

Mr. Yates is basically the CEO of Lake Elsinore and the top manager of all Lake Elsinore city departments and employees. He's the full-time boss who answers only to the five part-time members of Lake Elsinore's city council who are in turn elected by Lake Elsinore voters. 

Though their interactive website, LECC queried its 3,000+ members about which 3 of 10 city issues they would most like to have Mr. Yates discuss. The most popular request was for an update on road repair and traffic congestion improvement. The second most popular request was for an update on cleaning up pockets of blight and homelessness. The third most requested topic was to hear about plans to accelerate business growth to match residential growth.

The meeting is free of charge to lake Elsinore residents and guests.

Seating Limited to 100 guests due to fire regulations. RSVP for your free seat now by clicking here.

To learn more about Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee please visit www.LECC.us or www.FB.com/LakeElsinoreCC.

Contact LECC:

Jeanie Corral, Chairman & Events Moderator, 951-674-4228, jeaniecorral@gmail.com 

Dan Baldwin, Secretary & Webmaster, 951-251-5155, ateldan@gmail.com


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Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee Announces 2015 Meeting Dates, Speakers & Topics

Non-Partisan Group Engages Members on Public Policy Issues Affecting Lake Elsinore Quality of Life

LAKE ELSINORE, CA – February 8, 2015 – The Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee announces the five 2015 meetings dates, speakers and tentative topics listed below. Meetings begin at 7pm on the second Thursday of even months at the Tuscany Hills HOA Clubhouse at 75 Via Scenica, Lake Elsinore, CA 92532.

  • 2/12/15 City Manager, Grant Yates "Past, Present & Future Plans for Lake Elsinore"

    Mr. Yates will share how he directs the various city departments to achieve the goals and visions of the city council as stated in their 2014 and 2013 annual State of the City addresses. 

  • 4/9/15 EVMWD, Greg Morrison "Plans to Deliver the Cleanest Water at the Lowest Prices"

    Mr. Morrison, Public Affairs Director, will share how EVMWD is accomplishing the goals and visions debated at the 2014 District 1 & District 3 board of directors' candidate forums. 

  • 6/11/15 LEUSD Super., Dr. Kimberly - "Answers to the Top Questions Parents Ask LEUSD"

  • 8/13/15 Police Chief, Capt. Hollingsworth - "The Top 10 Services LEPD Provides Citizens"

  • 10/8/15 State Senate & Assembly Update - "2015 Legislation & 2016 Election Preview"

The meetings are free of charge and open to Lake Elsinore residents and guests. Attendees should RSVP and submit speaker questions in advance at the LECC website www.LECC.us

To learn more about Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee please visit www.LECC.us or www.FB.com/LakeElsinoreCC.

Contact LECC:

Jeanie Corral, Chairman & Events Moderator, 951-674-4228, jeaniecorral@gmail.com 

Dan Baldwin, Secretary & Webmaster, 951-251-5155, ateldan@gmail.com


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Based on Newspaper Editorial, LECC Re-Invites Congressman to Debate

Congressman Calvert Has Twice Declined LECC's Candidate Forum & Debate Invitations this Election Cycle

LAKE ELSINORE, CA – October 17, 2014 – To help facilitate the time honored political tradition of the candidate debate, endorsed this week by the editors of the Press Enterprise newspaper, the Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee (LECC) has, for a third time, invited Congressman Calvert to debate his November election opponent Tim Sheridan at a time, date and venue of Mr. Calvert's choosing. 

The Press Enterprise editorialized this week that, "Voters need more than just superficial efforts to prime them with name recognition and catch phrases to inform their voting. We hope that any remaining candidates who have yet to engage in a debate or public forum do so."

LECC hosted seven live candidate debates spread over two evenings last week at the Elsinore Women's Club for the benefit of LECC members trying to decide which person to vote for in the upcoming general election on November 4th. LECC members and the general public unable to attend last week's debate can view recorded videos of the seven debates at www.LECC.us. Congressman Calvert declined to appear at LECC's debates last week. He also declined to participate in LECC's congressional candidate forum held this past May.

Combining "old-school" person-to-person relationships with the latest Internet communications technologies, LECC educates its members about important civic and public policy matters in as non-partisan fashion as possible. 

Stated LECC secretary Dan Baldwin, "Some of our members like in-person meetings and others like to consume content via Facebook, smartphone or blog. LECC tries to deliver neutral civic content however our members want to receive it."

"The hardest part is actually capturing the content", Baldwin continued. "A case in point is capturing the differences between Mr. Calvert and Mr. Sheridan. We're happy to video record a live debate but we're just as happy to audio record a telephone conference call debate. We just need to get 'our content' to agree to a recording venue of one sort or another."

LECC will announce if Mr. Calvert agrees to a debate so its members can be fully informed prior to completing their ballots.

To learn more about Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee please visit www.LECC.us or www.FB.com/LakeElsinoreCC


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Congressman Calvert Declines Citizen's Committee Invitation for 2nd Time This Year

Congressman Calvert Declines Citizen's Committee Invitation for 2nd Time This Year

Mr. Calvert also skipped committee's candidate forum debate invitation in May

LAKE ELSINORE, CA – September 28, 2014 – For a second time this year, U.S. Congressman Ken Calvert has declined Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee's (www.LECC.us) invitation to speak before LECC members attempting to decide who they'll vote for in the November 4th general election.

"We are sorry that Mr. Calvert could not find any time for us once again, especially since he missed our first candidate forum earlier this year", stated LECC president Jeanie Corral. "Watching a video is not as effective as seeing a real person." Mr. Calvert submitted a video at LECC’s request after declining LECC’s Spring candidate forum invitation.

LECC communicated with Mr. Calvert's staff throughout the Summer to set up a Fall debate date that would accommodate Mr. Calvert's schedule.  Mr. Calvert's consistent staff response was that Mr Calvert's busy schedule simply could not accommodate any commitment to debate his opponent.

To accommodate Mr. Calvert’s schedule, LECC scheduled their Fall debate the day after Mr. Calvert is in the valley to speak at a Temecula Chamber function. "We hope he will reconsider and spend Friday, October 10th with Elsinore Voters. We we will hold his chair open should he reconsider", concluded Ms. Corral.

Lake Elsinore citizen's are invited to RSVP for their attendance at LECC's Fall campaign candidate forum and debate at www.LECC.us.


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Elsinore Citizen's Committee Invites Fall Candidates to October Forum/Debate

Elsinore Citizen's Committee Invites Fall Candidates to October Forum/Debate

Local candidates to “forum” on October 7th. State & national candidates to “debate” on October 10th

LAKE ELSINORE, CA – September 8, 2014 – Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee (www.LECC.us) is sponsoring a candidate forum for local political candidates on Tuesday, October 7th and a candidate debate for state and national candidates on Friday, October 10th. Both events will be held from 6:30pm - 9:30pm at the Lake Elsinore Woman’s Club at 710 W. Graham Ave in Lake Elsinore.

“Our committee hosted two candidate forums for state & federal candidates this Spring just before the primary elections, so it seemed appropriate to have the two finalists in each contest directly debate their Fall opponent on the ballot.” stated Committee President Jeanie Corral.

As there are still multiple candidates on the local ballot races and these candidates may be unfamiliar to Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee members it was determined that a candidate forum would be more appropriate for the local races.

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Elsinore Citizen's Committee Invites Republican Write-in Candidate to Participate in Candidate Forum

Floyd Harvey Joins Three Democrats Competing to Unseat Incumbent Republican Congressman Ken Calvert

LAKE ELSINORE, CA – May, 25, 2014 – The board of the Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee (www.LECC.us) has extended an invitation to speak at their upcoming candidate's forum to 42nd congressional district write-in candidate Floyd Harvey.

Stated LECC board chairwomanJeanie Corral, "If Mr. Harvey's write-in candidacy has been certified by the state of California and he has legitimate support on an official Facebook candidate's page then it would seem inappropriate to not invite him.

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Elsinore Citizens Host 42nd District Congressional Candidates Forum 7pm, May 29th

Three Democrats Compete in June Primary to Unseat Incumbent Republican in November 

LAKE ELSINORE, CA – May, 10, 2014 – Lake Elsinore Citizen's Committee (www.LECC.us) will host a 90-minute forum for the District 42 US Congressional Candidates on Thursday, May 29th at 7pm at the Tuscany Hills Clubhouse, 75 Summerhill Drive, Lake Elsinore CA 92532 (turn West on Via Scenica).

The meeting is free for anyone to attend.

Click here to read a recent news article showing how our incumbent Congressman Ken Calvert (R - Corona) stacks up against his three Democratic opponents Kerri CondleyChris Marquez and Tim Sheridan. The two candidates receiving the most votes in the June 3rd California state primary will run against each other in the November 4th election. The winner in November will represent us in Washington DC for the next two years.

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