Preliminary "Who & What Are We?" 2014 LECC Self Survey Results

Click the links below to draw your own conclusions about the 68 member responses we've received so far to our 2014 LECC Self Survey.

LIVE SURVEY RESULTSStatic Survey Results as of 9/29/14

In a nutshell:

1. Most respondents are Republicans and there are almost twice as many "independents" as there are Democrats.

2. On social issues, liberals and moderates combine to outnumber conservatives.

3. On fiscal issues, conservatives rule.

4. A majority of respondents think Lake Elsinore is getting better while a vast majority think California and the USA is getting worse.

5. Almost everyone disapproves of the performance of congresses while about two-thirds disapprove of the performance of the president and Sacramento. 

6. Half of the respondents have no opinion of city council or water board performance but hose with an opinion approved twice as often as disapproved. 

7. There's a lot of "purple people". While many on the press might have us believe we're a nation of "red versus blue", our survey results suggest quite a few people with moderate or independent political temperaments which would mirror a statewide trend

(Please click here to take the survey if you live in Lake Elsinore and you not yet taken the survey. We'd like to get to 100 responses to feel like the survey is close to "official".)

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  • commented 2014-09-30 22:58:20 -0700
    The statistics can be very misleading and without actual data, I believe that some may be mislead as to the interpretation of the presented statements.