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Why is there no Hospital and Medical Center like Wildomar? Wildomar is Smaller but future thinking.

The Whole City is run down. Downtown is blighted from the corner of Diamond through town to the I-15 along Main Street and to the OUTLET CENTER. I've been here since 1985, the blight continues along Lakeshore to 4 Corners and along The 74 where there's a bar that belts out loud music till 2 am. My councilman and the mayor says there is nothing they can do. There are working families that need to sleep. Yet the City Council does nothing for 31 years, Why? Is it NEGLECT or something more SINISTER??? Any way, I am moving out when I retire because I can. I save my money and don't spend unless I have to. Lake Elsinore has lost it chance to become a first rate City and leisure town. Good Bye.

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Official 2016 City Council Candidate Debate Questions

Following are LECC Board Approved Questions for the 2016 City Council Candidate Debate. One or two more questions may be added prior to the 10/12/16 event. 1. How familiar are you personally with the City of Lake Elsinore's Annual Operating Budget and the 5-Year Capital Improvement Budget and how comfortable are you that capital improvement projects going in this year will not overwhelm future operating budgets? 2. When the Diamond Stadium was built over 20-years ago it experienced major up-front cost over-runs and now more than 20-years later the venue is neither covering its own operating costs nor has it attracted the promised complimentary commercial "stadium district". What stadium lessons learned are being applied to currently envisioned capital improvement projects to protect Elsinore tax payers? 3. Because lake levels can't be guaranteed, many Elsinore tax payers question the wisdom of the city incurring $20 million debt over the next 30 years to borrow $10 million for improvements to the La Laguna campground. Seemingly, the capital improvement money invested recently by the city on two nice but mostly unusable lake boat ramps seem like all the evidence the council would need to pass on the La Laguna debt measure. Are you recommending the La Laguna project to tax-payers and if not is it too late to cancel the project? 4. It seems the only thing more consistent than residents saying they need more police on the street is the Riverside Sheriff increasing their police contract rates each year. What NEW long term revenue generation plans does the city plan to cover constantly rising police & fire public safety costs and if new revenue can't keep up with rising police costs, shouldn't resources be shifted from campground and new park capital improvements to cover rising public safety operating expenses? 5. Many residents have expressed shock to learn how many mid-level managers are on the city staff receiving six-figure compensation packages that seem double what similar private sector managers earn. Does it seem fair to you that average Elsinore tax-payers earning less than $50,000 per year are having to finance their mid-level management city peers who earn double what they earn? 6. How is Elsinore's homeless persons & code enforcement problems measured, is the homeless & code enforcement problems getting better or worse and how would you lower Elsinore's homeless population as well as property code enforcement violations? 7. It seems like the only capital improvement project tax-payers are actually interested in is road repaving. How does planned spending on city street repaving compare to any and all other capital improvements over the next 5-years and in your view is that the right balance? 8. It seems like all the new businesses Elsinore is attracting are retail and food service which don't pay much more that minimum wage because they don't require a college degree. Of all the new businesses Elsinore has in mind to attract in the next 5 years, what percentage of the new jobs will require a college degree and what percentage will not?

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If you want to maintain or add police, how would you add to the city's income?

Have you reviewed the 5 year budget? If not, why? If you have, what can you do to make sure we have the income to pay the bills?

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Which of these questions is most important?

Following, in no particular order, are questions that have been suggested for the upcoming Elsinore City Council candidate debate. Which do you think it the number one most important question and why? 1. Development vision for the lake, Laguna resort, stadium, etc. 2. Plans for bringing in larger businesses & local jobs 3. Elimination of blight & code violations 4. Homeless persons problems 5. Road repair & traffic mitigation 6. Lake water level issues 7. City budget & city staff compensation

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Do not put Lake Elsinore in debt for improvements to the La Laguna campground!

The city should not take on a $20 million debt for borrowing $10 million for improvements to the La Laguna campground (or any sum for that matter).The city has no business running a campground (or a restaurant, hotel, supermarket etc.). If no private investors are interested to pay for improvements to the La Laguna campground, that means it's a bad idea? The city says the La Laguna improvements will pay for itself and will bring businesses. The Diamond Stadium was also going to pay for itself and was also going to bring businesses. 23 years later, the city is still $12 million in debt for the stdium and is still paying $500,000 out of the city fund to patch the financial hole of the Diamond Stadium. No businesses. Did the council members learn anything? I am documenting the lake (boats), the boat launch and campground occupancy. There is no way the La Laguna campground will pay for itself.  The worst case scenario according to the staff report is 40% YEARLY AVERAGE occupancy. The occupancy of the La Laguna boat launch and the campground were UNDER 40% occupancy during the busiest weekend of the year, the weekend of 2, 3 and 4 July. The city will pay back $640,000 each year out of the city fund over 31 years (totalling $19,840,000). The city cannot guarantee the lake will not dry up and/or there will not be a new recession in the next 31 years. It is a certainty that the income of La Laguna will not cover the yearly payments for the loan. The city will have no choice but to cut in police and fire services and city maintenance. Lower security and bad maintenance will further lower home values. No residents will use the campground. Putting $14 million in a campground in a run down area infested by meth shooting homeless drug addicts is putting lipstick on a pig. You might as well flush the money down the toilet. Why is it that the council members are willing to follow you (Grant Yates) in a high risk venture that has FAIL written all over it, putting the importance (priority) of improvements to the La Laguna campground ABOVE the security of the residents and ABOVE their home values?


More on this + images documenting the campground occupancy:


Oppose this and sign the petition:

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More Police

We need more police. When I attend the crime block captain meetings, we are encouraged to call on anything suspicious. "Low priority" calls are now answered in approximately 30 minutes in our area, up from 15 minutes in 2012 in our area. Recently we called on two homeless people shooting up in our neighborhood, people that had drifted over from the lake area from next to La Laguna Campground. The police never came in the hour we waited for them so we walked them off ourselves. It's not ok for someone to sit on the side of the road and shoot meth in our neighborhood and not safe for us to deal with high people. Yet if we allow it, they'll come back so we protect our neighborhoods and do what we must. With Prop 47 and increasing crime, safety is ever so important. If you want the city to attract the right kind of residents and businesses, you must make the city CLEAN and SAFE before spending money on campground upgrades or freeway signs that aren't readable. Start investing in safety so we can loose the bad reputation.. As a crime captain, I am very frustrated with low priority response times, they always get away. The safety of the residents should be a priority. More police!

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Stop The Block of Intersection at Grape Street and Railroad Canyon

Every day the intersection at Grape St. and Railroad Canyon is blocked many time by drivers either running a red light or deliberately driving into the intersection when they the can see it will be blocked. The police should station a motorcycle officer here for 6 to 10 days to write tickets. By this time, motorists should get the word. This was done in Temecula at the Promenade and Winchester intersections and was very successful.

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As we all know there is a lot of traffic on Riverside (HIGHWAY 74) Dr, A lot of people use this route through the Ortega Hwy.There is a light (traffic control) @ Riverside (hwy 74) & Lakeshore Dr. Also a light @ Riverside (Hwy 74) & Lincoln.However there is no Light(traffic control) @ Riverside (Hwy 74) & JOY st. where a lot of Men,Woman and Children Enter and Exit for work,Shopping and school in our community (Machado) Elementary....Please install a traffic control light there as i have watched over the years of this gaining ground as a very dangerous condition for many in our community.As of now it is the only busy intersection Enter/Exit area along this section of the Highway 74 without traffic control.PLEASE SAVE A LIFE AND CORRECT THIS PROBLEM,Thank You and God Bless America and Lake Elsinore.....

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Increasing Crime

What can be done to increase proactive patrols in the Tuscany Hills area at all times day and night. Vehicle thefts and burglaries are on the rise according to Is this a matter of contacting the Sheriff directly or is this something that can be accomplished on a local level? During the weekends, we have dirtbikes, golf carts and mini bikes running up and down the streets.

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Tuscany Hills Crime Stats

To Captain Hollingsworth. Would you please provide statistical data for the last 5 years concerning the crime stats in our neighborhood and what the crime trends are increasing in our area (Tuscany Hills).

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Canyon Hills Road has become a RACEWAY

What can be done to get drivers to SLOW DOWN on Canyon Hills Road heading into Menifee. The average speed is increasing far and beyond the posted limit, and so are the number of accidents. Drivers have already planted their cars on the median, taking out trees and hitting rocks! It won't be long before they jump the curb and hit pedestrians on the sidewalk.

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Railroad Canyon/ SummerHill traffic light

Why don't we have a green arrow light when turning left from Summerhill onto Railroad Canyon. Opposing traffic has a red light. They made it just a green light without an arrow even though apposing traffic has a red light. They also have signage on the light saying to watch for pedestrians. But the pedestrians have a red don't walk when that light is green. The sign needs to be on the opposite side. The pedestrians walk when the traffic from Grape street has the green light and the right turners need to yeld to pedestrians.

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Country Club Heights Area

What are the plans for the Country Club Heights area in the near Future.

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RR Canyon / Diamond / I-15 traffic debacle

I understand that the roundabout solution to the RR Canyon / Diamond roads is no longer being considered. If so, what is the new solution to the traffic problem, if any? How about replacing the existing on/off ramps and traffic lights with a full cloverleaf interchange (with no traffic lights) like the new Newport / I-215 project in Menifee? What is the status in providing a second way out of Tuscany Hills?

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Bringing High-Paying Jobs to Lake Elsinore

In ten years of living in Lake Elsinore, I have yet to see the City persuade any major manufacturing, software of hardware, or major financial companies to building in Lake Elsinore. What about aerospace? What about any technology companies at all. Lake Elsinore seems to have a service industry fixation. They think it's progress to get a new fast food joint in town or another Walmart (heaven forbid). We do not currently have any institutions of higher learning or technical colleges such as DeVry, etc., to help service workers move up and out of their service jobs. People would like to work where they live. We have software, electrical, and mechanical engineers; doctors and highly skilled physicians assistants, nurse practicianers, and technicians; accountants and financial services professionals; human resources professionals and administrative professionals, as well as attorneys and paralegals living in Lake Elsinore, Where are the jobs, here, in Lake Elsinore, for these professionals. Bringing these kinds of companies and jobs into Lake Elsinore would also give service workers a place to move into as they move forward with their education. Whoever has been responsible, in Lake Elsinore city government over the last ten years, for bringing business and employers into Lake Elsinore has been pitifully bad at the job.

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Climate Change (for Congressional Candidates)

Are you a Flat-Earther, a Climate Change-Denier, or do you believe in established climate science that leads 97% of climate scientists around the world to believe that Global Climate Change is real, is here now, and continues to worsen to the planet's, and our, detriment?

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Anti-Gridlock Law, Section 22526, Chapter 739

Why does the Anti-Gridlock law go unenforced in Lake Elsinore? The fine is approximately $285, yet Lake Elsinore makes no effort to enforce this law that has been on the books since 1987. Gridlock at Railroad Canyon/Grape/Summerhill is horrendous. Diligently enforcing the Anti-Gridlock law will go a long way toward discouraging the same drivers who repeatedly break this law from doing it again. There aren't even any signs posted informing the uninformed that gridlock is against the law and has a hefty fine. What's up?

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Will you subpoena the CDC Whistleblower Sr. Scientist William Thompson?

Congressman Bill Posey announced to the house floor on July 29, 2015 the fraud that is happening at the CDC. Posey handed over documents from Sr. Scientist William Thompson of the CDC confirming the deliberate destruction of data that proved MMR vaccine link to Autism. Will you be the voice of truth for the many vaccine injured children and families dealing with Autism?

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Will you help return right of California children to free and appropriate education?

SB277 is denying 200,000 children or so their right to a free education as assured by the California Constitution. The only option for parents is vaccinate or homeschool. This is not an acceptable or legal choice. Every child's medical decision should lie with the family and doctor, not legislators and lobbyist. As a single working parent I am unable to homeschool and if my child can not attend school I am at a total loss, left with the sole option of moving which is very difficult. Do you believe this important MEDICAL DECISION should be in the hands of parents? There are moral and religious reasons some parents do not vaccinate and this law clearly violates the right to not be discriminated against based on religious beliefs.

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Will you present legislation for school choice in California?

That California will have a financial voucher system that the funds will follow the student to whatever academic institution that the parent choses. If you are an incumbent, why have you not presented legislation in your present term for financial vouchers in California? Please do not give me the excuse that you would not present legislation that has little chance of passing into law. What gives you the privilege of deciding that something correct and sensible and right should not be driven forward again and again until a breakthrough is achieved?

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