Stop building more developments

Here are my concerns; we are in an historic drought, with no end in sight, yet city officials and develpoers are building like it's 'business as usual'. How can this be allowed? Developers have mentioned that the EVMWD has told them that there is enough water. They have stated that we can always buy more water. Where? From whom? And at what cost to us? Thank you, Ray and April Booze

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    Also, how about putting some of that energy into other things. With the great topography here in Lake Elsinore, we could have a couple of great concert venues, fair grounds, huge olympic size public pool (for which the city could charge a small admission fee) etc., something other than just areas for ripping around on bikes kicking up dust and dirt.
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    I whole-heartedly agree. Water is NOT limitless, and won’t buying water from outside end up costing all of us more? Further, Lake Elsinore needs more retail, more super markets, and more restaurants; (not fast food) to support the population boom that has taken place over the last ten years. In terms of traffic, we are fast becoming as bad as the places like L.A. and environs that we left to get away from such things. Instead of pursuing developers, Lake Elsinore should be pursuing employers. We need more than retail (service jobs) as a source for jobs. We need more manufacturing, software and hardware companies, engineering, a financial center, etc. The closest financial center is Irvine. People should be able to work near where they live. Having to drive 50 or 60 miles to work is ridiculous, especially with no substantial rapid transit, such as light rail, in the whole of Southwest Riverside County, except the whistle stop in Perris. We don’t need more home development.
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    LE has far too much random growth. There seems to be little long-term planning with regard to water, traffic, jobs, transportation, etc. No community that has permitted growth in differing directions without regard to roads, water, traffic, and jobs has faired well long-term. We need far more services within the city to the existing community, all of it, not just certain components of it. We must address lack of jobs, support services for poor and homeless, far better drug rehabilitation programs, city sponsored community gardens (like Sacramento), as well as better animal control and enforcement pertaining to dangerous and loose animals.
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