Top Reasons to Re-Elect Calvert? New Campaign submission, more ...

1. What are the Top 10 Reasons to Re-Elect Ken Calvert?

As we reported, our incumbent Lake Elsinore congressman Ken Calvert has informed LECC that he will not debate his challenger Tim Sheridan at our candidate debate next Friday, October 10th.

Undaunted, LECC will still try to educate our audience about the pros and cons of both candidates during the 50-minute segment. Mr. Sheridan will represent his own ideas by answering our moderator's questions. Mr. Calvert's views will be represented by his published statements which we will compile into "The Top 10 Reasons to Re-Elect Ken Calvert".

If you intend to vote for Mr. Calvert in the upcoming election, please post your top reasons on our blog here or email them privately to

We will compile all the best reasons and then share them at next Friday's debate for the benefit of our members. We will also allow Mr. Sheridan the opportunity during the 50-minute debate segment to rebut the reasons as would occur if Mr. Calvert appeared in person.


2. Recent Campaign Submissions

LECC is trying to help our local ticket candidates by sharing their content with our members free of charge. Following are the most recent submissions:


New Tim Sheridan Campaign Video  Other Tim Sheridan Videos


Bonnie Garcia "Walk & Phone Bank" in Temecula this Saturday

The event will be at 28302 Jefferson Avenue in Temecula from 9:30am-3pm

RSVP: Alexandra Garrison, (951)



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  • commented 2014-10-02 23:24:27 -0700
    There are NO reasons to re-elect Ken Calvert. A better question would be, what are the top reasons NOT to re-elect Ken Calvert.