Do you support sending ground troops into Iraq or Syria?

Many reports in the media seem to suggest that conservatives and military brass both believe an air war can't be successful without some sort of trained US ground forces helping out with effective targeting and intelligence gathering.

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  • commented 2014-10-05 13:23:57 -0700
    As a former member of the military [US Army] during the Viet Nam I believe I understand this question from a military point of view.
    Have the other two reactions posted here ever been in the military?
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    Increasingly the US government has decided the way to handle all affairs of state is to bomb some other nation. When is the last time anyone made friends or allies by sanctioning, gossiping, threatening, invading, occupying, torturing, and drone drive-by murdering suspects in the other guys neighborhood? Never. End these wars; no troops, no bombs, cease arming all sides or any side, just stop killing people. All that does is make more terrorists. Face it, if some nation was ding to the US what the US government is doing in the Middle East and elsewhere, every single US citizen would be a “terrorist”. War is profitable — bloody and illegal to boot. Americans do not need the majority of their nation’s budget spent on war — that is not defense — it’s aggression. And leave Russia alone – that was manufactured insanity. The US sponsored that coup and the world knows it. Regime change is not foreign policy – it’s madness. 80% of all the weapons in all the Middle East come from the US.
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