Do you support spending tax dollars to provide legal representation to immigrant children?

Gov. Brown recently signed SB 873 ( ), a bill authorizing the expenditure of $3 million California tax dollars to provide legal representation to immigrant children. Do you support this action? Why or why not?

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    Is this an appropriate question for the City Manager?
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    Funding is not for “immigrants”; it is for children seeking asylum, refugee children. President Bush wrote and approved the law that permits this action. All nations provide some funding for people seeking asylum. Here’s the nasty deal. US foreign policy, combined with US corporations doing funny business and US drug policies have created this nightmare by interfering in Central and South American nations for decades. The Iran/Contra deal and all that stuff the CIA does made this mess and now we have refugees. If the Middle East had a contiguous border with the US, we’d be seeing thousands of Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans coming here like we saw Vietnamese in the past. Yes, we must put some money aside for this endeavor. And, we must streamline the process – not shortcut it – streamline it. There will be approvals so we have to suck it up, get a grip on the federal government that created the mess instead of detaining and mistreating children.
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