How About Recruiting a College Campus to Lake Elsinore? (for Doug Pinnow)

While I think that all of the topics on the list of the top ten are reasonable or good issues, I would like to encourage somewhat broader thinking on ways to further increase the stature and quality of life in Lake Elsinore. One area that I have been particularly interested in is the possibility of encouraging one or more educational institutions to construct a campus in Lake Elsinore. If not a full campus, perhaps, as a starter, some extension offices. For example, I think that in the years to come, community colleges will become a much more significant factors in the U.S. economy than they are today. And with an institution like Mount San Jacinto Community College receiving a grant of around $300 million for expansion, it would be worthwhile to explore the possibility of using a modest portion of these funds for a satellite campus in Lake Elsinore so that our local students would have enhanced access to higher education. Thinking broadly along such a line now is likely to have a long term positive impact on our community. For your consideration. Best regards, Doug Pinnow

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