Official 2016 City Council Candidate Debate Questions

Following are LECC Board Approved Questions for the 2016 City Council Candidate Debate. One or two more questions may be added prior to the 10/12/16 event. 1. How familiar are you personally with the City of Lake Elsinore's Annual Operating Budget and the 5-Year Capital Improvement Budget and how comfortable are you that capital improvement projects going in this year will not overwhelm future operating budgets? 2. When the Diamond Stadium was built over 20-years ago it experienced major up-front cost over-runs and now more than 20-years later the venue is neither covering its own operating costs nor has it attracted the promised complimentary commercial "stadium district". What stadium lessons learned are being applied to currently envisioned capital improvement projects to protect Elsinore tax payers? 3. Because lake levels can't be guaranteed, many Elsinore tax payers question the wisdom of the city incurring $20 million debt over the next 30 years to borrow $10 million for improvements to the La Laguna campground. Seemingly, the capital improvement money invested recently by the city on two nice but mostly unusable lake boat ramps seem like all the evidence the council would need to pass on the La Laguna debt measure. Are you recommending the La Laguna project to tax-payers and if not is it too late to cancel the project? 4. It seems the only thing more consistent than residents saying they need more police on the street is the Riverside Sheriff increasing their police contract rates each year. What NEW long term revenue generation plans does the city plan to cover constantly rising police & fire public safety costs and if new revenue can't keep up with rising police costs, shouldn't resources be shifted from campground and new park capital improvements to cover rising public safety operating expenses? 5. Many residents have expressed shock to learn how many mid-level managers are on the city staff receiving six-figure compensation packages that seem double what similar private sector managers earn. Does it seem fair to you that average Elsinore tax-payers earning less than $50,000 per year are having to finance their mid-level management city peers who earn double what they earn? 6. How is Elsinore's homeless persons & code enforcement problems measured, is the homeless & code enforcement problems getting better or worse and how would you lower Elsinore's homeless population as well as property code enforcement violations? 7. It seems like the only capital improvement project tax-payers are actually interested in is road repaving. How does planned spending on city street repaving compare to any and all other capital improvements over the next 5-years and in your view is that the right balance? 8. It seems like all the new businesses Elsinore is attracting are retail and food service which don't pay much more that minimum wage because they don't require a college degree. Of all the new businesses Elsinore has in mind to attract in the next 5 years, what percentage of the new jobs will require a college degree and what percentage will not?

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