Which of these questions is most important?

Following, in no particular order, are questions that have been suggested for the upcoming Elsinore City Council candidate debate. Which do you think it the number one most important question and why? 1. Development vision for the lake, Laguna resort, stadium, etc. 2. Plans for bringing in larger businesses & local jobs 3. Elimination of blight & code violations 4. Homeless persons problems 5. Road repair & traffic mitigation 6. Lake water level issues 7. City budget & city staff compensation

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  • commented 2016-10-11 21:42:04 -0700
    1. Development vision for the lake, Laguna resort, stadium, etc.: The city lacks a strategic plan and while having a vision for these things is nice, a strategic plan forces all of the city to grapple with the risks and rewards of each. The city should not be spending any money of La Laguna or other similar projects until the lake itself is stabilized and improved. Without the security of the lake, the other projects will simply waste money. The Stadium should be self supporting and not maintained by citizen tax money and it should certainly be an anchor point for other dity developments (which it is not).

    2. Plans on bringing in larger businesses…:: This goes hand in hand with having a strategic plan. Large busniess will not move to Lake Elsinore without having the type of services that large businesses need. Unless we really plan it, business growth will not happen.

    3. Elimination of blight and code violations…: Let’s get real here, the law is established to protect the city. Code violations and blight violate city ordinances and encourage, crime, homelessness, and other secondary level issues. Without enforcement of existing codes and statues, Lake Elsinore will continue to remain a shabby little wayside town with some good housing in some places. As a start, perhaps the City should improve the earthquake survivability of approximately 50 buildings in and around the downtown area (Temecula, by comparrison, has about 15).
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    Restoring right of children to attend school regardless of vaccination status. this had most reactions last time and was never asked. So many children being denied their right to an education seems pretty important.
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